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Mallorca Shop is the online store of MÁS MALLORCA, the main objective of the store is closer and promote the products of the land of Mallorca to other countries to help our farmers and artisans to become known internationally.

We promote culinary tourism for residents and visitors to Mallorca, promoting knowledge and trade Majorcan products (food), especially the distinguished designation of origin.

We promote and encourage awareness of Majorcan products and crafts, residents and visitors to Mallorca, promoting trade and knowledge of crafts and typical Majorcan.

Mallorca Shop specialty is selling quality products from Mallorca that we can be of interest to our clients.

Currently we have no establishment open to the public, because all our sales are made exclusively via our web

If you have a company (or is a master craftsman) that produces original and native of Mallorca, we are interested in advertising. Contact Us.

Where are we?

Our headquarters are in C/ Melià 44 - Llucmajor (Mallorca-Islas Baleares).

Tel. (+34) 971 669 551.