Grated "Ramellet" tomato of Mallorca
  • Grated "Ramellet" tomato of Mallorca

Grated "Ramellet" tomato of Mallorca / Dry in oil


100% natural, km 0, sustainable agriculture.


The grated "ramellet" tomato "Pa amb Oli", with extra virgin olive oil and salt is a preparation ready to be used as a base for Pa amb oli in an easy and quick way, with highest quality standards and wherever you want. Use it also in stews, salads, pastas, pizzas and many other recipes.

Rich in Lycopene (natural antioxidant of the tomato).  
No artificial colorings or preservatives. No gluten.

270 gr.
Dry in oil: 185 gr.
Box of 16 units.

Tomato: Grated "Ramellet"
Units: 1 unit





  Política de devolución

(editar con el módulo de Información de seguridad y confianza para el cliente)

Planted, cultivated, harvested and produced in Mallorca.

Obtained through integrated production methods. Maximum of respect for the environment by using biological pest control. Our renewable energy sources care for a minimized ecological footprint.

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