Selected almond of Mallorca 100g
  • Selected almond of Mallorca 100g

10 x Selected Almond of Mallorca 100g

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Selected Almond of Mallorca 100g.

Almonds grown in Mallorca is especially sweet and has a high oil content, which makes it superior in quality to other almonds from other regions.

Taste, texture, aroma and natural farming, make our almond high quality food that makes the difference.







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Selected Almond of Mallorca 100g.

Thanks to its high protein content, has qualified to the Mallorcan variety of dried fruit as one of the best in the world. Flat and elongated shape, is covered by a hard shell and refined tip. Sweet flavor and fine texture, the Mallorcan almond is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Quality label 'Ametlla de Mallorca' distinctive referred to PGI Balearic and ensuring the quality of fruit.

Mallorcan Almond

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