Almond cream, Flor d´ametla
  • Almond cream, Flor d´ametla

6 x Mandel grädde, Flor d´ametla

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Mandel grädde
I utarbetandet av denna likör frukt vi hylla den mest älskade av våra ön.
Erhålls från grädde, mandel, socker och alkohol.

6 flaskor

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Almond trees form part of the landscape and culture of Mallorca.

With the creation of this liqueur, we want to pay homage to the most beloved fruit of our island, which throughout the centuries has become a symbol of our identity.

How to drink them
It can be enjoyed as a digestive on its own in a stem glass, with ice or with crushed ice.

It is recommended that it always be served very cold.

Almendros en flor - Licor de Almendra