Mallorcan organic paprika
  • Mallorcan organic paprika
  • Mallorcan organic paprika
  • Mallorcan organic paprika
  • Mallorcan organic paprika

9 x Mallorcan organic paprika

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The Majorcan organic paprika is made from the exclusive Majorcan pepper variety "Tap de Corti".

Dispenser is a boat made from organic paprika peppers "Tap of Corti" planted in Mallorca. It comes in bottles of 80 grams, in a box with 9 units.

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This pepper has the following qualities, first color is orange, but with a color index of 140 º. It is very sweet and aromatic and has a level of vitamin C and E very high, up two or three times that of the other varieties of paprika. It comes in an opaque container with a dispenser opening triple, allowing different dose levels, including dusting, and it has an additional cover to protect it from moisture and external agents' own kitchens, which allows it to maintain its qualities for longer.

Organic paprika. Paprika of Mallorca

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