Brandies of Mallorca - Reserva 10 years
  • Brandies of Mallorca - Reserva 10 years

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  • Reserva de la Familia (1973 Family Reserve) Brandy. Limited series.

Includes an elegant wooden box, an ideal gift that will make you have unforgettable moments with family and friends.

  • Brandy "Gran Reserva".

  • Brandy Reserva 10 years. Aged in oak barrels 10 years.
Brandy: Reserva 10 years






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Our brandies are produced with selected “holandas” brandies and aged in casks till they obtain the aroma, smoothness and elegance that characterises them.

Amongst them is outstanding the exceptional Reserva de la Familia (Family Reserve), with which we wish to pay homage to all our past generations.

% ALC 38º - Capacity: 0,70L 

Have fun, but please do not forget to drink responsibly.

Brandy Reserva Familia 1973

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