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Extra virgin olive oil Barceló Mas 500 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil Barceló Mas 500 ml
  • Protected Designation of Origin 'Oli de Mallorca'

6 x Extra virgin olive oil Barceló Mas 500 ml


Extra virgin olive oil Barceló Mas with Protected Designation of Origin 'Oli de Mallorca'.

500 ml.

Arbequina olive oil.

Cold pressed.

Units: 6 units

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Cold pressed. 

500 ml bottle.

Arbequina olive oil.

The Barcelo family has more than a thousand Arbequina olive trees, spread beween their fincas and they maintain a sustainable balance between managing their agricultural environment and tourism.

For several years, they have produced a single variety oil (from one type of olive) so that the aromas and flavors of Arbequina olive are not masked and you can appreciate its excellent qualities without it being mixed with another type of olive.

When tasting this olive oil you will notice that it is a very fruity flavor with very low acidity and hints of almond, "tomàtiga of ramallet" (a Mallorcan tomato), fennel and a fresh herb that is native to the island.

Its intensity allows it to be used straight in order that you can appreciate all its flavors and aromas: put directly onto salad or vegetables. If used for frying or cooking, because it is an extra virgin olive oil and is of high quality, it supports more high temperatures and the food does not absorb much fat, uncharacteristic of other types of oil.

The oil is like wine, i.e. it requires that all processes are performed all at a particular time and in optimal conditions. This means knowing the most appropriate and sensitive time so as not to harm the olive or the tree. The trees are well-cared, which involves proper pruning, harvesting at the optimum time of maturity of the olive and olives are never taken directly from the floor. This would accelerate the oxidation process of the fruit and increase acidity. Then, olive juice is rapidly transformed in the same day and later placed in black glass bottles. Then, it is stored far from light and high temperatures in order to retain its power and all its chemical properties. All this care makes this oil a special and exclusive Oil.


Available in box of 12 units.

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